Funds available for OWASP Projects

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This page contains details about the funds available to OWASP projects.

This sponsorship model is different from the one used in [OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006|AoC 06] and [OWASP Spring Of Code 2007 - OWASP|SpoC 007] since these are cases where specific money has been allocated to OWASP projects (for example by new OWASP members or by companies/organizations with specific requirements/projects)

ORG - OWASP Site Generator (5k)

Project description: Continue development of OSG, write new vulnerabilities, work on new dynamic engine, document findings Funds available: 5,000 USD Sponsor: Spy Dynamics, Cenzic

OWASP Corporate Application Security Rating Guide (3k)

Project description:: As per, finalize criteria, perform a reearch to selected companies and publish a report with the results Funds available:: 3,000 USD Sponsor: Cenzic

Questions for SANS's SSI (5k)

Project description:: Write questions for JAVA SANS's Software Security Institute certification exams( The candidate will need to write the questions and answers and must be a very knowledgeable and respected member of the Java security institute. For obvious reasons only 10% to 20% of the questions created will be disclosed to the OWASP community, with the remaining used in the certification's exams Funds available:: 5,000 USD Sponsor: SANS

Source Code Review OWASP Projects(5k)

Project description:: Use Fortify's source code scanning engine to scan OWASP projects coded in JAVA. The main objective of this project will be to create the workflow required to make this service a mandatory step on the OWASP tool's Software Development Lifecycle. Funds available: 5,000 USD Sponsor: Fortify