Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Speakers/Lelewski

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Robert Lelewski

Robert Lelewski is an Engagement Lead for IBM's Emergency Response Service and is the lead of IBM's Computer Security and Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) offering. He has worked on numerous cases involving the topics of intellectual property theft, malware analysis, embezzlement, child pornography, and other issues. He has testified before state and federal courts and has been endorsed as an expert on computer forensics.

Robert holds a Bachelor degree in Economic Crime Investigation from Syracuse University, a Masters degree in Technology Management and a certificate in Research and Development Management from the University of Denver, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa. Additionally, Robert holds several computer forensic and security related certifications including the EnCE, ACE, CCE, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Security+, and CASP.

Robert Lelewski