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==Conference Committee==
==Conference Committee==
Director: [[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]]
[[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]]: Director
<br />Sponsorship: [[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]], [[Brad_Carvalho|Brad Carvalho]], [[User:Steve_Kosten|Steve Kosten]]
<br />Executive Events: [[Brad_Carvalho|Brad Carvalho]], [[User:Steve_Kosten|Steve Kosten]]
[[User:Brad_Carvalho|Brad Carvalho]]: Sponsorship, Executive events
<br />CTF: [[User:Chris_Rossi|Chris Rossi]], [[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]]
<br />[[User:Craig_Klosterman|Craig Klosterman]]: Merchandise
<br />[[User:Steve_Kosten|Steve Kosten]]: Sponsorship, Executive events
<br />[[User:Glen Matthes|Glen Matthes]]: Planning
<br />[[User:Chris_Rossi|Chris Rossi]]: CTF, Networking events
==Colorado Chapter Hosts==
==Colorado Chapter Hosts==
[[Denver|OWASP Denver chapter]]: [[User:Steve_Kosten|Steve Kosten]], [[Brad_Carvalho|Brad Carvalho]] (acting)
[[Boulder|OWASP Boulder chapter]]: [[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]]
<br />[[Boulder|OWASP Boulder chapter]]: [[User:Mark_Major|Mark Major]]
<br />[[Denver|OWASP Denver chapter]]: [[User:Steve_Kosten|Steve Kosten]], [[User:Brad_Carvalho|Brad Carvalho]] (acting)

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Welcome to SnowFROC 2013 - the 5th Annual Front Range OWASP Security Conference

The Colorado OWASP chapters are proud to present the 5th annual SnowFROC. Join 300 other developers, business owners, and security professionals for a day-and-a-half of presentations, training, and Birds-of-a-Feather (BoaF) sessions. The SnowFROC 2013 keynote speaker is Neal Ziring, Technical Director of InfoProtection at NSA.

The conference will occur on Thursday, March 28th and will feature four primary tracks:

  • High-Level Technical
  • Deep-Dive / Hands-on Technical
  • Management
  • Legal

Running in parallel to the conference proceedings will be a capture the flag (CTF) hacking competition developed exclusively for SnowFROC by Boulder OWASP chapter members. The day will conclude with a moderated panel discussion featuring top industry leaders.

On Friday, March 28, Jim Manico will teach a course in secure coding. This training is free to SnowFROC attendees!

Friday will also offer BoaF sessions. Join like-minded industry leaders and discuss pressing issues facing the industry and you. BoaF sessions are self-lead and may address and issue you would like. Pitch your idea and get the ball rolling!

Finally, Friday will feature a postmortem of the CTF tournament. In addition to discussing solutions, techniques, and tools, we will encourage participants to attack the previously out-of-bounds CTF framework. Itching to break into the scoreboard and rack up the points? The gloves come off Friday morning.

Conference Committee

Mark Major: Director

Brad Carvalho: Sponsorship, Executive events
Craig Klosterman: Merchandise
Steve Kosten: Sponsorship, Executive events
Glen Matthes: Planning
Chris Rossi: CTF, Networking events

Colorado Chapter Hosts

OWASP Boulder chapter: Mark Major
OWASP Denver chapter: Steve Kosten, Brad Carvalho (acting)