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====Capture the Flag (CTF)====
====Capture the Flag (CTF)====
This year FROC will again be hosting a capture the flag game / contest throughout the day.
A capture the flag contest was held, with challenges in the categories of network, forensics, and web applications.  The winner received a new iPad.  Second and third place received an iPod shuffle.
Final scores:
|2||Mathew Rowley||2850||(wuntee)
Must use aurariacampus SSID to get in.
If you need help with the CTF please contact eduprey at owasp dot org.
<!-- CTF is OPEN!
If you are attending FROC, join WiFi network "Auraria Campus" and browse to [http://ctf.technowarfare.com the CTF main page].  If you need help, email edupreyATowasp.org or visit the CTF lounge upstairs from the vendor area.
This year FROC will be hosting a capture the flag game / contest throughout the day. The CTF consists of a LAMP web server target and a scoreboard.
Your job as a player is to successfully attack the small vulnerable web applications we provide to obtain hidden codes (called "flags".)  Enter a flag into the scoreboard and you're credited with the point value for that challenge.
An entrant can be a team or an individual.  Small prizes will be given for the top three finishing entrants, but the greatest prize, of course, is bragging rights.  Winners will be announced (and prizes awarded) at the end of the conference as part of the conference wrap-up.
Thanks to:
*IBM for sponsoring this event and providing technical support.
*Dan Guido and the rest of the team of students from Polytechnic University for developing the code the contest is based on. (this CTF is a modified version of the one they presented at OWASP NYC 2008)
===CTF Rules===
1. Don't attack other players.  The contest is about finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the applications provided.  (yes, attacking application users is a real-world threat -- victims will be provided in the challenges where attacking a user is required.)
2. Don't attack the infrastructure.  Networks, routers, and the scoreboard are all off-limits as targets of attack.
Anyone discovered breaking these rules will earn banning, forfeiture of all points, and very bad karma.
====Conference Committee====
====Conference Committee====

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FROC2010 was a major success! If you attended the event, please complete the Speaker Evaluation Survey


Froc2010 sm.png Welcome to FROC 2010, the third annual Front Range OWASP Application Security Conference!

After successful FROC's in June of 2008, and March of 2009, we are back in Denver, Colorado USA on Wednesday the 2nd of June 2010!

This year we again present a full day, multi-track event, which will provide valuable information for managers and executives as well as developers and engineers.

In 2009, we attracted a packed venue with our great AppSec speakers, and we hope to achieve the same again in 2010. This year we are organizing the conference with the support of our colleagues at the Cloud Security Alliance, and will feature an AppSec track as well as a CloudSec/VirtSec track.


Due to the hard work of our organizers and the gracious support of our sponsors, FROC was a free event in 2008 and 2009. This year, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we are offering tickets to the event on a DONATION basis. Pay whatever you or your company can afford.


Agenda and Presentations: 2 June 2010

The agenda follows the successful OWASP conference multi track format, with opening keynotes and presentations in the main auditorium, split tracks in the middle of the day, and closing panel discussions back in the main auditorium.

June 2, 2010
07:30-08:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast in the Sponsor Expo Room
08:30-08:35 Welcome to FROC 2010 Conference

David Campbell, OWASP Denver

08:35-09:35 Keynote: "Watching Software Run: Software Security Beyond Defect Elimination"

Brian Chess, Fortify Software

Presentation Video

09:35-10:00 OWASP: State of the Union

Tom Brennan, OWASP Board - BIO


10:00-10:20 Cloud Security Alliance: State of the Union

Randy Barr, Cloud Security Alliance

10:20-10:30 Break - Expo - CTF
AppSec/Technical Track: Room 1 Cloud/Mobile/Emerging Track: Room 2 Management / Exec Track: Room 3
10:30-11:15 "2010: Web Hacking Odyssey - The Top Hacks of the Year"

Jeremiah Grossman

Presentation Video

"Building a Secure, Compliant Cloud for the Enterprise"

Matt Ferrari, Hosting.com

"Anatomy of a Logic Flaw"

David Byrne and Charles Henderson, Trustwave

11:15-12:00 "Advanced MITM Techniques for Security Testers"

Mike Zusman, Raj Umadas and Aaron Rhodes, Intrepidus Group

"YOU are the weakest link"

Chris Nickerson, Lares Consulting

"Effectively marketing security as a win for both the business and the customer"

Ben Whaley, Applied Trust Engineering and Jeff Smith, Rally Software

12:00-13:00 Lunch - Expo - CTF
13:00-13:50 "Vulnerabilities in Secure Code: Now and Beyond"

Alex Wheeler and Ryan Smith, Accuvant

"Real life CSI – Data Mining and Intelligence Gathering for the masses"

Chris Roberts, Cyopsis

"The Permanent Campaign: Driving a Secure Software Initiative in the Enterprise"

John Dickson, Denim Group

13:50-14:40 "Beware of Serialized GUI Objects Bearing Data"

David Byrne and Rohini Sulatycki, Trustwave

"What's Old Is New Again: An Overview of Mobile Application Security"

Zach Lanier and Mike Zusman, Intrepidus Group

"Fundamental Practices and Tools to implement a security development lifecycle"

Cassio Goldschmidt, Symantec

14:40-15:00 BREAK
15:00-15:50 "Solving Real-World Problems with an Enterprise Security API"

Chris Schmidt

Presentation Video

"Cloudy with a chance of hack"

Lars Ewe, Cenzic


"Application Security Program Management with Vulnerability Manager"

Bryan Beverly, Denim Group


15:50-16:30 Panel Discussion: Topic TBD. Moderator: John Dickson, Denim Group
16:30-17:30 Wrap up, vendor raffles, CTF awards, FREE BEER!


Denver mountains.JPG

This year, the conference will again be held at University of Colorado, Denver. However, instead of the Tivoli Student Union, this year the event will be hosted at the North Classroom building (Atrium UCD).

Froc map.GIF

Google Map of the Venue: 1200 Larimer St., Denver CO 80204


OWASP has negotiated discounted rates with the uber-pimpin Hotel Teatro. Rooms under the FROC rate are $159/night and include courtesy Cadillac Escalade transportation to and from Auraria Campus. To reserve a room, contact Hotel Teatro at +1.303.228.1100 and mention FROC or use the iHotelier.com link here.

How to get to the venue?
  • By taxi: taxi from the airport to venue is about $50 USD
  • From hotel: transport from the conference hotel (Hotel Teatro) by limo is free
  • By car: there is plenty of parking at the UCD. Attendees should park at the Tivoli lot (as in past years) and it is a short walk to the North Classroom buildings. Parking validation will be provided for registered FROC participants.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

A capture the flag contest was held, with challenges in the categories of network, forensics, and web applications. The winner received a new iPad. Second and third place received an iPod shuffle.

Final scores:

Rank Name Score Comments
2 Mathew Rowley 2850 (wuntee)
3 jgimer 2300
4 jsouza 2200
5 CSURams 1800
6 quincymagoo 1200
7 skehoe 700
8 jtevans 700
9 igctf 700
10 kdavis 700

Conference Committee

FROC 2010 Planning Committee Chair: Kathy Thaxton - kthaxton at owasp dot org

Presentation Selection Committee:

  • Mark Bristow - OWASP Global Conference Committee
  • David Campbell - OWASP Denver
  • Eric Duprey - OWASP Denver
  • Chris Hoff - Cloud Security Alliance
  • Eoin Keary - Chair, OWASP Global Conference Committee
  • Michael Sutton - Cloud Security Alliance
  • Jim Reavis - Cloud Security Alliance

Colorado Chapter Hosts:

  • David Campbell - OWASP Denver - dcampbell at owasp dot org
  • Eric Duprey - OWASP Denver - eduprey at owasp dot org

Vendor Exhibition POC: Kathy Thaxton - kthaxton at owasp dot org

Capture the Flag POC: Eric Duprey - eduprey at owasp dot org

Conference Sponsors


The following organizations are proud sponsors of this conference:

If you are interested in sponsoring this OWASP event, please contact Kathy Thaxton at kthaxton at owasp dot org.

Logistics information for sponsors is available here

More information about conference sponsorship is available here.

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