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Training - Date TBD


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Overview & Goal
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  • En dehors du OWASP Top10 , la plupart des Projets OWASP ne sont pas tres connus et/ou mal utilisés. Dans la plupart des cas, cela n'est pas du à un manque de qualité de la documentation, mais à un manque de compréhension sur la manière de l'utiliser au sein d'une Entreprise ou dans le cycle de développement des applications.
  • This course aims to change that by providing a selection of mature and enterprise ready projects together with practical examples of how to use them.
  • If you are interested in participating in the hands on portion of the course, please bring a laptop.
  • All OWASP Training Material can be downloaded from here.


Date Venue & Directions
Price & Registration
This Course is FREE for OWASP Members. Registration is mandatory.
If you are not an OWASP member as of yet please consider becoming one - $50/USD 12 month term for individual supporters.
[www. To be created] OWASP Membership (sign now)

Time Module Trainer Presentation Overview & Goal
   09h00 (30m) Guided tour of OWASP Projects TBD Tour of OWASP’s projects See details and Trainer's notes

   09h30 (90m) [ ] [ ] See details and Trainer's notes

   11h00 (15m) Coffee Break

   11h15 (45m) [ ] [ ] See details and Trainer's notes