February 2012 Membership Report

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Membership Report February 2012

Total Number of Individual Memberships:1552

Individual Memberships:85


Lost memberships (did not renew):

Income from Individual Memberships:$5,445.00

Portion allocated to local chapters: $2,178.00

Profit from Individual Memberships: $3,267.00

Total Number of Organization Memberships:

New Corporate Memberships: 4 (Rakuten, DBAPP Security, Mozilla (had been expired since 9/21/11), Astech Consulting (had been expired since 9/28/11)

Renewals: 3 (Praetorian, Accuvant Labs, Tenable)

Lost memberships (did not renew): 1 (Nixu Oy)

Income from Corporate Memberships: $35,000.00

Portion allocated to local chapters: $6,000.00

Profit from Corporate Memberships: $29,000.00

Total Profit:$32,267.00