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Hello, I would like to be considered for the OWASP board membership. I am a long time member of OWASP and have contributed year on year to OWASP projects and the OWASP mission of fighting the causes of sftware insecurity.

My involvement in OWASP to date.

OWASP Ireland Chapter leader since 2004

Have held regular meetings, promoted OWASP and application security in general. I have developed a stong community within Ireland in terms of secure development such that large organisations are aware of OWASP and invite me for comment and involvement in application security awareness efforts. I am involved in ongoing efforts to consolidate the security community with groups such as IISF, IAI and ISSA.

Testing guide leader - Transferred guide to wiki 2006

Code review guide leader - "Worlds first open source code review guide"


OWASP SAMM Contributor

OWASP Ireland 2009 - Sole organiser. Successful event which has made a large impact on local application security community.