Enterprise Business Application Vulnerability Statistics 2009

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This document is the first statistics report which will be repeated annually with showing tendencies and changes in Enterprise Business Application Security area.


This document we will show a result of statistical research in the Business Application security area made by DSECRG and OWASP-EAS project. The purpose of this document is to raise awareness about Enterprise Business Application security by showing the current number of vulnerabilities found in those applications, how critical are those and what tendences we see.


Business applications like ERP, CRM, SRM and others are one of the major topics within the field of computer security as these applications store business data and any vulnerability in these applications will cause a significant monetary loss. Nonetheless people still don’t pay much attention to Enterprise Business Application area as we see during our and our collegues research and audit data. Business applications are very large and complex systems that consists of different components such as Database server, Front-end, Web server, Application server and other parts. Also those systems lay on different Hardware and software that can have their own vulnerabilities. Overall security of Enterprise Business Application consists of different layers such as: • Network architecture security • Os security • Database security • Application security • Front-end security

Every described layer may have their own vulnerabilities that can give attacker full access to business data even if other layers are fully secured. In this document all the popular applications from described levels and their vulnerabilities vill be shown. The purpose of this document to Increase awareness of Business Application security.


Business applications vulnerability statistics 2009 and future trends - Presentation by Dmitry Evdokimov and Dmityy Chastuhin

SAP SDN page with latest vulnerabilities

Oracle Secalert CPU page with latest vulnerabilities

Annual report comming soon...


Alexander Polyakov (DSecRG) Dmitriy Chastuhin (DSecRG) Dmitriy Evdokimov (DSecRG)


Leodid Kats (dsec.ru) Olga Yurova (dsec.ru)