Education Track: Web Application Security Primer

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A Web Application Security Primer

We first start with a small project to create a slide deck of WebAppSec intro topics for newbie's. This can be used to bring OWASP chapter visitors up to speed on the topic.
Next to the slide deck we will create some sort of teacher manual with narrative text and maybe complement this with a WebEx (or other) recording.
After the material is created we will organize a ‘teach the teacher’ session to enable others to use this.
What should be part of this intro?
TOC proposal:

  • Why WebAppSec & History
  • OWASP Introduction
  • Current Trends
  • OWASP Top 10: Introduction & Remedies
  • OWASP Top 10 2007: RC 1
  • Embed within Complete Approach (People, Processes & Tools)
  • Good AppSec Resources (not limited to OWASP)

We already have a large part of the above material; it’s just a matter of restructuring and recompiling some stuff to a Newbie introduction track of about 4 hours.
Once we get this going, it can provide the base for more advanced tracks.