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The ESAPI Swingset is a web application which demonstrates the many uses of the Enterprise Security API (ESAPI).

Swingset is now in beta stage. Much of Swingset is still incomplete, but many ESAPI functions are working.


All downloads are hosted on the Google Code site. You can find the latest downloads for the project here.

This Swingset/Apache Tomcat bundle contains everything you need to get Swingset up and running in a matter of minutes. No installation is necessary (assuming you have a Java JRE or JDK installed), just edit one line of a batch file or shell script and you're ready to go! If this is the first time you're looking at the Swingset, we recommend you download the bundle.

At present, there are three downloads available:

ESAPI Swingset/Apache Tomcat Bundle

This download includes:

  • Apache Tomcat version 6.0.18
  • ESAPI Swingset application
  • Scripts to load Tomcat with the Swingset on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux
  • README file with easy setup instructions
  • Everything you need to try Swingset

ESAPI Swingset Source Code

This download includes:

  • All ESAPI Swingset source files

ESAPI Swingset WAR file

This download includes:

  • The ESAPI Swingset WAR file -- just drop it in your Apache Tomcat Webapps directory and you're ready to go

Note: the Secure Login page requires SSL be configured on your web server!

Download the JRE or JDK

If it is not already installed, please download a Java JRE or JDK version 5 or later. Please note that, Tomcat 5.5 and above uses the Eclipse JDT Java compiler for compiling JSP pages. This means you no longer need to have the complete Java Development Kit (JDK) to run Tomcat, but a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is sufficient.

  • The Java JRE is available here
  • The Java JDK is available here

Setup and Run Swingset

Setup Swingset for Windows

  1. Extract to a directory of your choice.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to the directory to which was extracted
  3. Open Tomcat_6.0.18_start.bat with notepad
  4. Set either of the two, JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME enviornment variable for Tomcat to run.
  5. Save the file
  • To set JAVA_HOME environment variable. You need to change the line "set JAVA_HOME=jdk_directory" to your Java install directory, where "jdk_directory" is the root of your Java directory. For many, the line will look like: "set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_10". Please remember that Swingset requires JDK/JRE version 5 or higher.
  • To set JRE_HOME change the "JRE_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_10" so that it points to your JRE installation directory

Running Swingset on Windows

  1. Navigate to the ESAPI_Swingset directory
  2. Execute Tomcat_6.0.18_start.bat. This can be done through the command line or by double clicking the file.
  3. If you followed the installation instructions in this wiki, Tomcat should now be running
  4. Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/main
  5. You should see the ESAPI Swingset start page

How Can I help with Swingset

The ESAPI Swingset is still in an early beta stage. Many pages within Swingset are still incomplete, and we could certainly use some help getting them finished. If you are interested in helping, please check out Swingset's SVN repository.

If you have any ideas for how the ESAPI Swingset could be better, or if you would like to submit new code, please contact Jeff Williams.

Project Sponsors

The OWASP ESAPI project is sponsored by Aspect_logo.gif