ESAPI Summit

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Summit Overview

The first OWASP ESAPI Summit was held December 9-11, 2008. It was hosted by Aspect Security in their Columbia, MD office.

The following were the attendees of the Summit:

  • Jeff Williams, Aspect Security - ESAPI Project Lead
  • Dave Wichers, Aspect Security
  • Ron Monzillo, Sun Microsystems - Java EE Servlet
  • Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Aspect Security -
  • Jerry Hoff, Aspect Security
  • Mike Fauzy, Aspect Security
  • Kevin Fealey, Aspect Security - ESAPI Swingset Lead
  • Jim Manico, Aspect Security
  • Steve Lavenhar, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Lian Jin, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • John Steven, Cigital
  • Joel Winstead, Cigital
  • Alex Smolen, Foundstone - ESAPI .NET Lead
  • Andy Miller, Lockheed Martin
  • John Munsch, Lockheed Martin
  • Steve Christey, MITRE - CVE/CWE Project Lead