ESAPI Installation

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Installer Goals:

  • Essentially a one click install process
  • Download an installer, that is reasonably small
    • Could also provide a standalone installer, but this would be HUGE, and not sure about the licensing issues of bundling all this together
  • Have the installer download all the components it needs from the internet (kind of like what Maven does)
  • Have this be completely standalone, so it doesn't depend on anything on the current users computer
    • This includes java, eclipse, etc. - So it will take a while, but it will make it 'really' easy
  • Have a "how to" pop up at the end, that says what to do next (and maybe points to a wiki page as well with the same or more info)
    • How to build the software
    • Explanation of where the code repository is (since the installer should make this essentially invisible)
    • How to run the SwingSet
    • Where to get more information about ESAPI and its documentation