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This page documents our current thoughts on the various documents we need to produce for the ESAPI project, and the audience, purpose, and high level outline of each document.

Documentation Plan

Proposed Documents

Smaller Documents

  • ESAPI Executive Overview

Audience: Executives
Purpose: To provide executives with an understanding of:

  • What ESAPI is? Goals.
  • Why an ESAPI is necessary. (App Sec is important/why/standardization)
  • The benefits of using an ESAPI? (Cost, ROI)
  • The current status of ESAPI? (Maturity, Stability, Licensing, Support)
  • Who created it, where it came from, credibility, who is using it?
  • How to adopt an ESAPI?

Outline: (See Purpose)

  • FAQ (For non-users)

Audience: Potential users of ESAPI
Purpose: To provide 'quick' hit, information about ESAPI
Topics: Summary of main points in the Executive Overview

  • FAQ (For people using ESAPI)

Audience (Technical people using ESAPI)
Purpose: To provide 'quick' hit, information about how to use ESAPI, and how to add ESAPI to or integrate ESAPI with your existing security controls. Outline:

  • How to use it the first time
  • Performance

Larger Documents

  • Getting Started Guide
  • How to Secure an Existing Application with ESAPI
  • How to Use ESAPI in a New Application
  • How to Create a Custom ESAPI for Your Organization

Web Pages

  • Revamp the ESAPI Website
  • How will the ESAPI be updated and released.
  • CWE_ESAPI CWEs addressed by ESAPI - Assigned to Steve Christey
  • Features List

Other Documents