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ColdFusion/CFML Edition of the OWASP ESAPI Toolkit - First release is under development

  • The ColdFusion/CFML version of ESAPI is being lead by Jason Dean (jason at 12robots dot com) and Bill Shelton (billshelton at comcast dot net). Feel free to contact either person for further details.

OWASP ESAPI - ColdFusion/CFML Edition
Release (TBD): May, 2009

Welcome to the ColdFusion/CFML Edition of OWASP ESAPI (v.TBD)

The ColdFusion/CFML edition of ESAPI will provide ESAPI functionality for developers using CFML. It is the project's intent to support Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, and Open BlueDragon. Development focus will be placed on CFML frameworks wishing to integrate CFESAPI.

Development is currently underway. Roadmap and preliminary source code will be available shortly at the Google Code project home.

Any developers, framework providers, or CFML engine contributors interested in contributing, using and testing, please contact the project owners above and join the Google mailing list.