ESAPI Assurance

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Building an Assurance Case for ESAPI

  • summary: make Claims, provide supporting Evidence, and make Arguments for how the evidence supports the claims
  • Highest level claim is "The system is Acceptably Secure" but how to break this down into sub-claims that map to the provided evidence? e.g. absence of specific vulns (as investigated by manual testing or tool scans)
  • each language (Java, ASP, etc.) may need separate claims
  • list the third-party software
  • discuss coding practices that were followed, skill levels of developers, amount of independent review
  • publish scanning tool results
  • links to DHS web sites and documents

Coding Practices

  • was OWASP Top Ten followed?
  • how was performance and security balanced?
  • what is the level of training of the developers? amount of experience in web development?
  • were tools part of the whole process or run at the end?
  • how was code repository prevented from unauthorized alterations?
  • practices for code check-in and independent review - how is introduction of Trojans avoided?
  • what threat level is being accounted for (e.g. will this only work against script kiddies)? was threat modeling used?