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Please click here to view a spreadsheet of all local chapter donations, membership income, funds used, and current balance. If you have any questions on specifics of funds your chapter has received/used, please contact Alison Shrader

Please note that all funds showed are in USD.


As a result we have created OWASP Summit Transfer Request (OSTF) that after you complete your 2011 review of allocated funds you can now update your chapter status as ACTIVE and transfer a % from 0 - 100 of funds to this important effort. Every chapter MUST complete (1) per chapter using this form form before January 15th 2010 at 12:00pm EST.

It is OK not to transfer any funds to the OSTF if the local chapter is active and has committed allocations to send a chapter leader to the summit as a representative or other planned OWASP expenditure activities. However chapters that fail to acknowledge this annual request for information update will result in a automatic transfer of funds to the OWASP Foundation Summit Travel Fund on January 15th 2010 at 12:01pm EST and the chapter will be marked as inactive and in need of new chapter leadership.

To completeyour request it is required that you use the issued @OWASP.ORG email address and login to your: OWASP ACCOUNT (if you are a chapter leader and apart of OWASP-LEADERS you should already have a @OWASP.ORG email address). If you do not have a email address; request one immediately using this quick link:

As you can tell the summit is very important to the core of OWASP Foundation. As the end of the year approaches now is a good time for you to check your availability Feb 8th-11th 2011 and learn more about what is going on at the Summit see:

2011 OWASP Summit Transfer Request *Requires your @OWASP.ORG ID