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The OWASP Foundation                   Contributor License AgreementThank you for your interest in The OWASP Foundation (the"Foundation").  In order to clarify the intellectual property licensegranted with contributions of software from any person or entity(the "Contributor"), the Foundation would like to have a ContributorLicense Agreement on file that has been signed by the Contributor,indicating agreement to the license terms below.  This license is foryour protection as a Contributor of software to the Foundation and doesnot change your right to use your own contributions for any other purpose.If you have not already done so, please complete this Agreement andsend it by facsimile to the Foundation at +1-208-379-1165, or send aphotocopy by regular mail to The OWASP Foundation,9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300, Columbia, MD 21046, U.S.A.  Please read thisdocument carefully before signing and keep the original for your records.  Full name: ____________________________  E-Mail:    ___________________  Mailing Address: ______________________  Telephone: ___________________  _______________________________________  Facsimile: ___________________  _______________________________________  Country:   ___________________You and the Foundation hereby accept and agree to the following termsand conditions:1. Your "Contributions" means all of your past, present and future   contributions of source code and documentation to the   Foundation, however submitted to the Foundation, excluding any   submissions that are conspicuously marked or otherwise designated in   writing by You as "Not a Contribution."2. You hereby grant to the Foundation a non-exclusive, irrevocable,   worldwide, no-charge, transferable copyright license to use,   execute, prepare derivative works of, and distribute (internally   and externally, in object code and, if included in your   Contributions, source code form) your Contributions.  Except for the   rights granted to the Foundation in this paragraph, You reserve all   right, title and interest in and to your Contributions. OWASP will always   release a free and open version of anything we distribute that   includes your Contributions.3. You represent that you are legally entitled to grant the above   license.  If your employer(s) have rights to intellectual property   that you create, you represent that you have received permission   to make the Contributions on behalf of that employer, or that your   employer has waived such rights for your Contributions to the   Foundation.4. You represent that, except as disclosed in your Contribution   submission(s), each of your Contributions is your original creation.   You represent that your Contribution submission(s) include complete   details of any license or other restriction (including, but not   limited to, related patents and trademarks) associated with any part   of your Contribution(s) (including a copy of any applicable license   agreement).  You agree to notify the Foundation of any facts or   circumstances of which you become aware that would make Your   representations in this Agreement inaccurate in any respect.5. You are not expected to provide support for your Contributions,   except to the extent you desire to provide support.  You may provide   support for free, for a fee, or not at all.  Your Contributions are   provided as-is, with all faults defects and errors, and without   warranty of any kind (either express or implied) including, without   limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for   a particular purpose and any warranty of non-infringement.Please sign: __________________________________ Date: ________________