Community Manager 2014 Q2 Report

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DATE January 2014 February 2014 March 2014
TOTAL 266 Chapters 266 Chapters 267 Chapters

  • Active Chapters: 230
  • Inactive Chapters: 37 (listed as not having a chapter leader)
  • New Chapters: 1
  • Restarted Chapters: 1


Total Chapters (inactive chapters)

  • Africa: 16 (3)
  • Asia Pacific: 14 (2)
  • Canada: 12 (6)
  • Europe: 56 (5)
  • Latin America: 38 (10)
  • Middle East: 37 (2)
  • United States: 85 (8)


  • Bolivia - Is in complete violation of OWASP ethics. They are charging to attend meetings hosted by the company founded by the Chapter Leaders, where they "Teach the OWASP Method". They also have themselves listed as an OWASP partner, without a contract in place, seem to be selling memberships without having them register or pay through the foundation and have usurped their mailing list and are using it off-list, for corporate promotions and selling seats in their classes. They are promoting through their Facebook page and ignoring the Wiki entirely.
  • Huntsville, Alabama - The only "Active" Chapter in that state, hasn't updated their WIki since June 2013. I have emailed the Chapter Leader for an update and have not received a response. The Foundation Staff has determined that 14 days is an appropriate window for response from any Chapter Leader. If Huntsville hasn't responded by the end of their 14 day window, their Chapter will be closed unless/until we can find another Chapter Leader.


  • Getting Chapter Leader feedback on attendance for AppSecEU Chapter Leader's Workshop and input on content collaboration
  • Determining best format for CL workshop and working up Workshop content


  • Beginning to perform Chapter Review in earnest and contact Chapter Leaders without current Chapter meeting information/Wiki content to confirm Chapter is still active.

Nothing to report at this time

Nothing to announce at this time