Chapter Leader Handbook (OLD)

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Chapter Leader Handbook

This handbook aims to guide new and experienced chpater leaders in leading an active chapter community.

How to Generate Interest

  • Hook up with local information security organizations, such as ISACA and ISSA.
  • Set up and maintain an individual mailing list te send out targetted chapter invitations. These direct mails tend to generate more response than a mail to the local OWASP mailing list.

Chapter Meetings

How much Meetings should be Organized yearly?

This depends on the activity level of the local OWASP members. There should be minimum 4 events per year.

Chapter Meeting Check List

The following checklist should aid you in organizing individual chapter meetings:

  • Set appropriate date and timing
  • Speakers and topics
  • Location and sponsor for the meeting
  • Create invitation text on chapter page
  • Add chapter meeting to news list on OWASP home page
  • Send mail to Andrew to list in the next monthly mailing
  • Send invitation to the local OWASP mailing list
  • Send invitation 3 weeks prior to meeting to local contact list
  • Send reminder 5 days prior to meeting to local contact list and the OWASP mailing list

Chapter Meeting Template

This template you can use on your chapter page for listing chapter meeting details:


Fill in date and timing


Fill in place


  • 18h00 - 18h30: Welcome, get drink & sandwiches?
  • 18h20 - 18h40: Fill in


  • 18h45 – 19h00: Fill in


  • 19h00 - 19h55: Fill in

        Presentation + Discussion?

  • 20h05 - 21h00: Fill in

        Presentation + Discussion?