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Manual del Líder de Capítulo

---En construcción --- En caso de consultas o sugerencias, contactar a Mateo Martinez

El Manual de Capítulos v.2 fue revisado y aprobado por el Global Chapter Committee en Diciembre de 2011. Si tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda: Haga clic aquí para contactarnos

El propósito del Manual de Capítulos es el de proporcionar a los Líderes de Capítulos con un repositorio central de información sobre como iniciar un capítulo, organizar la reuniones del capítulo, manejar las finanzas de su capítulo y muchos otros temas que aparecen en el camino al iniciar el capítulo local. Mientras hay algunas reglas a seguir por los líderes de capítulos, este manual se compone de sugerencias y buenas prácticas que han funcionado para otros Líderes de Capítulos. Dicho esto, sin embargo lo que funciona en algunos capítulos, puede no funcionar bien en otros por lo cual este manual no debería limitar el alcance de posibilidades para tener un fuerte y próspero capítulo de OWASP.

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Tabla de Contenidos

[1: Resumen del Manual]
1.1 About OWASP
1.2 The Purpose of OWASP Chapters
1.3 The Purpose of the Chapter Handbook
1.4 Contact Us: Comments, Suggestions, & Questions

Chapter 2: Mandatory Chapter Rules
2.1 Organize free and open meetings
2.2 Hold a minimum of 2 local chapter meetings or events each year
2.3 Give official meeting notice through the wiki, chapter mailing list, and OWASP Calendar.
2.4 Abide by OWASP principles and the code of ethics
2.5 Protect the privacy of the chapter’s local contacts
2.6 Maintain vendor neutrality (act independently)
2.7 Spend any chapter funds in accordance with the OWASP goals, code of ethics, and principles
2.8 Chapter Oversight

Chapter 3: How to Start a Chapter
3.1 Start-up Information
3.2 New Chapter Approval Process
3.3 Chapter Naming
3.4 Geographic area
3.5 Student, University, or Academic Chapters

Chapter 4: Chapter Administration
4.1 Email Accounts
4.2 OWASP Wiki
4.3 Local Domain Names
4.4 Mailing Lists
4.5 Social Media
4.6 Organizing Your Contacts
4.7 Handling Money
4.7.1 Spending Guidelines
4.7.2 Additional Expense Policies
4.7.3 Reimbursement Process
4.7.4 Chapter Budgets
4.7.5 Money not Tracked by the Foundation
4.8 Charging for Events
4.9 Insurance
4.10 (Signing) Contracts

Chapter 5: Governance
5.1 Chapter Leadership
5.2 Transferring Leadership
5.3 Chapter Elections
5.4 Chapter Bylaws
5.5 Legal Entity
5.6 Disputes

Chapter 6: Chapter Activity
6.1 Chapter Activity Requirements
6.2 Inactive Chapters
6.3 Restarting an Inactive Chapter
6.4 Call for Help

Chapter 7: Organizing Chapter Meetings
7.1 Meeting Formulas
7.2 Before - Planning the Meeting
7.2.1 Getting a Speaker
7.2.2 OWASP on the Move
7.2.3 Speaker Agreement
7.2.4 Meeting Venue
7.2.5 Setting a Date and Time
7.2.6 Posting Meeting Info on the Wiki
7.2.7 Catering
7.2.8 Sponsors & Affiliates
7.2.9 Meeting Promotion
7.2.10 OWASP Calendar
7.2.11 RSVPs
7.2.12 OWASP Merchandise
7.2.13 PPT Template
7.2.14 Screening Presentations
7.2.15 Remote Participation
7.2.16 Speaker Gifts
7.2.17 Communication
7.3 During the Meeting
7.3.1 Meeting Set-Up
7.3.2 Video Recording
7.3.3 Time Management
7.3.4 Meeting Content
7.3.5 Collecting CPE Forms
7.3.6 Collecting Feedback
7.3.7 Networking/Social Events
7.4 After the Meeting
7.4.1 Meeting Minutes (and Photos)
7.4.2 Posting Presentations and Recordings
7.4.3 Follow-up Communication
7.4.4 Certificate of Attendance

Chapter 8: Organizing Local Events
8.1 Local OWASP Days
8.2 OWASP Training Days
8.3 Regional Roadshows

Chapter 9: Growing and Promoting your Chapter
9.1 Setting Goals
9.2 Surveys
9.3 Outreach
9.4 Recruiting List Members
9.5 Promotional Materials
9.6 Raising Funds
9.7 Spawning Other Chapters

Chapter 10: International Issues
10.1 Translation
10.2 Localization
10.3 Adjusted Memberships Fees
10.4 Material distribution

OWASP Sponsored Travel Guidelines