Chapter Handbook: FAQ

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How to Start a Chapter

Finding an OWASP Chapter

Before applying go an OWASP Chapter, please check the OWASP Chapter page.

How do you choose where to start another Chapter?

OWASP Chapters are started by volunteers passionate about helping to develop a security inclusive culture within their geographic area. When a potential Leader asks to start a new chapter, we first evaluate the location to make sure that it is not too close to an existing Chapter.

The evaluation takes the size of the local tech scene and travel time to existing Chapters into account. While what is considered reasonable travel times changes with each local area, a handy basic understanding is that anything under 2 hours travel time between areas will result in us looking closer and contacting the existing local Chapter Leaders to ensure that we will not strangle existing Chapters by spreading their membership too thin.

Okay, There are no Chapters near me, how do I get started?

Once you are ready to get started, you should read the Chapter Leader's Handbook and create a case using the OWASP Chapter Request Form.

The next step is that you will be invited to an orientation to help you plan your Chapter's beginning.

I was told my proposed Chapter was too close to an existing Chapter?

If your proposed Chapter is too close to an existing chapter, we will not be able to create it. However, you will be introduced to all of the nearest Chapter Leaders so that you can work to volunteer in the most applicable chapter.

I want a nation/regional/state/province wide Chapter

OWASP had a history of giving the first chapter in a nation the same of that country, however, as we are growing rapidly we have discontinued this and now name Chapters after the local city.

OWASP also maintains a policy of allowing Chapters to start small and grow or combine to cover larger areas. This means that Chapters cannot start by covering larger areas unless they show stable growth for their existing Chapter and show a plan to cover the different areas in their expanded geographic territory.

Getting Started

Choosing your Chapter's Audience

Your Chapter's wiki page

What types of meetings should my Chapter have?

My Chapter wants to host an event. How do we get started?

I want to grow my Chapter larger, do you have ideas that can help me?

Basic Meeting Rules

How many meetings per year do we need to host?

So after our 4 meetings can we charge to raise money for funds?

Why do I need to post information on my wiki?

What do you mean by "Free and Open?"

What is Vendor Neutrality?

My chapter would like to sign this contract/accept this donation, how do I do it?

Social Media for Chapters


Events Registration



Social Media Contract


What is this Seed Money I learned of?

I heard that I could get grants?

How do memberships work for Chapters?

I saw some Chapters use sponsorships, what is this?

Who writes the sponsorship document?

What can I offer in return for sponsorships?

Wait, I thought I could not send my own contracts?

Who do I send Sponsorship contracts to?

The Reimbursement Process

What can I spend money on?

How long does it take to be paid?

How does my money come in?

Basics of the Wiki

How can I get a wiki account?

What should I post on the wiki?

Why should I post on the wiki?

Wiki tutorial

How to search the wiki