Chapter Handbook/Chapter 3: How to Start a Chapter

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Starting and restarting a chapter

An OWASP local chapter organizes OWASP activity in a given geographical area. A request to start or restart a new chapter should be submitted by a person of a group to the OWASP board and should include:

The geographical area to be covered by the new chapter.

The geographical area should not

  • Recommendation by 5 current OWASP leaders - This requirement can be waived by the board, especially if the chapter is started in a remote area in which OWASP currently has no activity.
  • Recommendation by 5 people who practice information security in the covered geography - This may be of the founding group or outside of it. Relevant bio details of the recommending people should be added.
  • Resumes of the people proposing to start a group

The OWASP board will decide whether to grant the person of group the opportunity to start the new chapter for a trial period, but not before submitting the request for a review by OWASP leaders. The review will enable OWASP

  • Trial period

  • Chapter's structure
    • Roles
    • Appointments and elections
  • Conflict of interest
    • Proper disclosure guidelines
  • Minimum activity requirements