Chapter Handbook/Chapter 3: How to Start a Chapter

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Start-up Information

The following information should be provided in an application to start or restart an OWASP Chapter:

  • List of the people that are founding the chapter. Each founding member(s) must submit:
    • Statement regarding their background or resume, and
    • Statement of why he or she wants to be an OWASP Leader.
  • The geographical area to be covered by the new chapter. Chapter names should represent the immediate city or region that is being served. It is also preferred that the chapter leader(s) work or live in the geographical area.
  • Acknowledgement that founding member(s) has read, understands, and agrees to the terms of the Chapter Handbook.
  • While it is not mandatory, a good understanding of English will help with communication within the OWASP global community.

Requests to start or restart an OWASP Chapter should be submitted to:

New Chapter Approval Process

After receiving the above information via the online form, an OWASP employee will give a cursory check of the above items to ensure new chapter leaders are serious and understand their commitment, and forward the request to the Global Chapter Committee for a second approval. Upon receipt of a second approval by a member of the Global Chapter Committee, the applicant can move forward as a chapter leader. A chapter wiki page and mailing list will be set up for the new leader(s). Additionally the chapter leader(s) will be given an OWASP email account and password to operate as the administrator of the new chapter mailing list.

Chapter Naming

The format used for naming a chapter is: OWASP [Insert City, Region, or Country Name of Chapter]. For example: OWASP Austin, OWASP London, OWASP Malaysia

It is not necessary to specify your chapter is a “local” chapter, because by definition any chapter is “local”. When registering your chapter name on Linkedin, Meetup,, or any other social media site please follow this naming convention as it makes sorting and finding chapters easier.

Geographic area

An OWASP local chapter organizes OWASP activity in a given geographical area. A person or a group (the "founding members") can request to start a new chapter in a geographical area not currently served by an OWASP group.

One key to a successful OWASP chapter is selecting the right geographical area. Naturally the geographical area should not overlap with an existing chapter. OWASP chapters promote face-to-face meetings and the geographical area covered should be no more than a reasonable travel for a meeting. On the other hand the area should be large enough to serve enough people who are interested in web application security and enough people to be active in the chapter.

Student, University, or Academic Chapters

OWASP student, university, academic chapters must follow the same mandatory guidelines set for standard OWASP Chapters, however there are generally special funds and people in place to provide support and guidance for these chapters. Information about the the Global Education Committee (GEC) is available at: or email them at:] .