Chapter Handbook/Chapter 2: Mandatory Chapter Rules

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While the internal affairs of a chapter are in the hand of the chapter leadership, some rules apply to all chapter and must be followed. Those rules are summarized below.


Local Chapters operate independently from the OWASP Foundation, and Local Chapter leaders are responsible for all aspects of their meetings. Local Chapters should use the official OWASP Portal ( and mailing lists for communications, and should not use or display the OWASP logo on other websites. Commercial use of the OWASP name or logo is strictly prohibited.


Each Local Chapter agrees to the Code of Ethics and Principles and adhere to the general concept of OWASP: to produce free and open unbiased tools and documentation promoting software and application security.


The privacy of chapter members and meeting attendees should be protected. Local Chapters should not disclose names, email addresses, or other identifying information about members. Only aggregate statistics can be referenced. If a meeting co-sponsor is utilized that organization might consider doing a raffle in exchange for business cards.