Chairs: July, 2011

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Topics (old business)

Budget review and projections

Award Nominations

Topics (new business)

Do Committee Mission statements support the Foundation's Mission?

Request for unallocated funds to go to support the GCC's event Schwag budget - Mark

Discussion of the creation of an OWASP PR Committee - Mark

OWASP Points System - Mark

OWASP Student chapter / membership - Martin

  • do we have a student membership?
  • whos responsibility will the Student Chapters be under
    • The Chapter, Education and Memberschip Committee (if I do not forget one) showed interest
    • Currently, we do have 4 student chapters, but nothing happens as my requests are pending

Partnership and alignment rules & governance - Martin

  • How to deal with sponsors by donation
    • do we have rules of engagement or what ever to be able to work together with organisations and companies?
    • currently, I am busy with Hacking-Lab / Compas Security, see the "letter of intent": Media:OWASP_Hacking-Lab_Letter_of_intent_0.9.pdf