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[https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/document/d/1kKIhahRMNPlTnugdidyuHQ4M49GdcSLFEXECjaQHF6w/edit?hl=en_US Meeting Minutes]

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Meeting Minutes



Topics (old business)

Budget review and projections

Award Nominations (each committee should select 2 persons in the owasp community for a award to be presented at AppSecUSA for selfless volunteerism and advancement of the mission)

Topics (new business)

Vote to adopt Jeff Williams - June 3rd Proposed OWASP Platform model

A review of Community Members - and Election update

Alignment of Committee Mission statements support the OWASP Foundation Mission.

Request for unallocated funds to go to support the GCC's event Schwag budget - Mark

Discussion of the creation of an OWASP PR Committee - Mark

OWASP Points System - Mark

OWASP Student chapter / membership - Martin

  • do we have a student membership?
  • whos responsibility will the Student Chapters be under
    • The Chapter, Education and Memberschip Committee (if I do not forget one) showed interest
    • Currently, we do have 4 student chapters, but nothing happens as my requests are pending

Partnership and alignment rules & governance - Martin