Chairs: April 13, 2011

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Meeting Details

  • 15:00 UTC/GMT
  • Bridge line: 1-866-534-4754, Code: "OWASP" (69277)

Role Call


  • Kate Hartmann (Operations Director)
  • Kelly SantaLucia (Opp Support - Membership)
  • Sarah Baso (Opp Support - Chapters, Industry, Conferences)
  • Jason Li (Projects)
  • Dan Cornell (Membership)
  • Joe Bernik (Industry)
  • Matt Tesauro (Board)
  • Mark Bristow (Conferences)


  • Jim Manico (Connections)
  • Tin Zaw (Chapters)
  • Martin Knobloch (Education)


Old Business - follow up

  • Committee budget’s need to be submitted to Kate by March 28 (a week before the next Board meeting on April 4), so the Board has time to review the budgets before the meeting – budgets should have items/funding initiatives prioritized
    • MT - one of the hold outs on approving the entirety of the committee budgets at the last board meeting b/c wanted better picture of finances. Agreed to tentative 50%, but wanted to talk with the committee chairs. Issue is that don't want to approve budgets if don't have money in bank to cover them. We are relying on income from AppSec EU and AppSec US to build up OWASP Foundation operational and savings account. Committees can have budgets, but if they can look at what is a top priority and what can be delayed until later in the year.
    • Action items - Committees to take another look at budget, goals, and ROI for each of the expenses.
    • Action item - JB, once audit is complete, JB to look at budgeting and financial process and help OWASP analyze what we are doing right/wrong.

  • Review KH’s proposed org chart and send her any comments or suggestions
    • Tabled for next meeting

  • Membership Committee should come up with a possible tiered membership approach and then talk to the Industry Committee for feedback on what individuals from Industry would like to see.
    • DC is discussing and working with the membership committee to come up with various solutions to membership options.
    • Action item: DC (membership) and JB (Industry) to discuss plan for moving forward.

  • OWASP Points Program -- Each committee should provide MB with a list of what points should be given to people related to that committee’s tasks/roles - Self Nomination for Honorary Membership to begin
    • Membership wants to move forward with "honorary memberships" and this should be coordinated with MB's point system. DC and MB to talk on this
    • MB to discuss progress on points system at next meeting
    • Action: committee chairs to determine points related to their committees

  • Currently, Education, Chapters, and Membership Committees should group up and discuss who should handle what and make sure they are on the same page with regard to OWASP University Chapters and Academies Program
    • Tabled since only DC (membership) on call.

  • Each committee should review or draft their mission statement and role(s) within OWASP to discuss at next committee chairs meeting.
    • GIC new mission statement approved.
    • Other Committees

New Items

  • (KS & SB) Membership/conferences sponsorship initiative - suggestions for how to go forward
    • Global Conferences Sponsorship - Conferences Committee to discuss this afternoon and follow up with other chairs/OWASP Community
    • DC to discuss membership with KS and how to centralize process
    • KH and SB to get all

  • (SB) Chapter/Conference - tracking requests for Schwag - OCMS?
    • SB to follow up with MB and TZ on how to move forward - Regonline, OCMS, or SalesForce

  • (KH) Committee Nominations for Board Member Elections - does not mean that committee chairs need to run for board, but good idea for them to
    • Deadline for nominations - AppSec EU, then a couple of weeks of campaigning, and then vote
    • Questions regarding how someone goes about running - do they need to be nominated, or do they add their name and then seek nominations?
    • Action item: KS to follow up with Tom Brennan on procedure for running for the Board and send chairs /leaders list an email with info.

  • (KH) Committee Nominations for 2011 OWASP Awards (categories and individuals)
    • Action item: Committee chairs to follow up with their committees regarding the Board request
    • This will be revisited on next committee chair meeting.

  • (KH) Comments on the CH OOTM request
    • No comments from Chairs on call

PDF of 14 March 2011 Committee Chairs Meeting Minutes