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is there any perofrmance issues if more than 250+ users are hitting with webscarab proxyserver. pls share your expereinces..thanx Rajan


I have a query regarding Webscarab Proxy setup on Windows machine. I have one machine which is acting as Proxy server whose ip is ( and is listening on port 8080. I have another machine which i am using as a client.In the browser settings Tools->Internet Options ->Connections ->LAN settings I have checked to Use Proxy serevr (have given my Proxy server IP and port 8080 I have installed Webscarab in my client machine . In the Webscarbs menu Tools->Proxies have given [ and port 8080]. I am starting Webgoat project but am not able to see and http requests intercepted in webscarab . So my Webscarab is not set properly. I know the default port of Webscarab is 8008. So how should i dop the set up to solve this problem.

Thanks, Madhavi