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Several Perl modules are required for SQLix to work, which aren't necessarily installed by default on your OS of choice.

For my install (Fedora Core 6) here's the commands I used to setup

perl -MCPAN -e shell

cpan>install WWW::CheckSite

cpan>install HTML::TreeBuilder

cpan>install Tie::CharArray

cpan>install Algorithm::Diff

Using URL files

It isn't explained that the URL file e.g. crawler should be of the form: method URL queryparams <lf>

For example


POST qs1=val1&qs2=val2 down appears to be having DNS issues. Is it possible to have this code mirrored on the sourceforge or something similar for times like these? :)

This is NOT open source / available for us to use?

The source code of says

Copyright 2006 Cedric COCHIN, All Rights Reserved.

which would mean, especially in the absence of any GPL or other license, that we do not have the right to download much less use or modify this tool. So why bother listing it here? (Of course, you can't see the copyright message until after you already made a copy and unzipped it.)