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== Tool Categories  ==
== Tool Categories  ==
You can read Larry's 1st paper [http://ha.ckers.org/blog/20071014/web-application-scanning-depth-statistics/ Version 1.0] and version 2.0 project is now underway with revised criteria and the assistance of OWASP & [http://www.webappsec.org WASC] members and that of the [http://www.reversebenchmarking.org ORB Project]
Product testing will be performed based on defined criteria that will measure the usability performance and positive validation on “red herring” web applications [http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Owasp_SiteGenerator OWASP Site Generator] this model common systems and unique systems in the wild.
Such tools are generally used to either help:  
Such tools are generally used to either help:  

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Tool Categories

Such tools are generally used to either help:

  • Protect Applications
  • Find Vulnerabilities in Applications
  • Test Other Application Security Tools

The categories of tools currently addressed by this project are (or will be):

Types of Tools

Other tool-related pages to be considered

General Application Security Tool Resources

The NIST SAMATE - Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation project has an ambitious goal of creating a large set of application security test data and then assessing the capabilities of a wide variety of application security tools.
At the 3rd AppSec OWASP Conference, Arian Evans did a presentation on Software Security Quality: Testing Taxonomy & Testing Tools Classification that lists LOTS of the tools in the application security space from different categories, and some comparitive information on Web Application Security Scanning products.

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