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Application Security Tools

This category is for articles describing application security tools. The tools can be divided into a few basic categories:

Important note about commercial tools

OWASP encourages constructive discussion of commercial application security tools. We support the use of tools as a part of an application security program. However, we object to the marketing of these tools as a solution to application security. Vendors that claim that their tools address the OWASP Top Ten (and there are many) should be aware that this is well beyond the state of the art. In addition, the use of the OWASP brand in this manner is a violation of the OWASP brand usage rules.

How to add a tool

First create a stub for the tool you want to add. Your article should include details about:

  • the type of tool
  • basic features of the tool
  • key distinguishers of the tool
  • where the tool can be found
  • constructive information about strengths and weaknesses of the tool

¿Cómo agregar un nuevo articulo Tool

Puede seguir las instrucciones para hacer un nuevo articulo Tool. Por favor use la estructura adecuada y siga el tutorial. Asegurece de pegar el siguiente código al final de su artículo para hacer que se muestre en la categoría Tool:



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