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== Welcome to the OWASP on the Move (OotM) Project==
#Redirect [[OWASP on the Move]]
This project allows local chapter or application security conferences to have OWASP presenters on site.
This project facilitates 3 parties:
* OWASP speakers to entertain OWASP presentations and that want to see the world
* Local chapters or application security events that want to attract an OWASP speaker
* OWASP sponsors that want to support spreading the OWASP message
Currently a first version is [[OWASP_on_the_Move|online]].
== Goals & Roadmap ==
Currently the project goals are to ... (tbd).
Further breakdown of tasks and future developments are listed in the [[OotM Project Roadmap|road map]].
== Project Guiding Principles ==
the rules are being defined.
The payments are tracked online [[OWASP_on_the_Move_-_Payments]]
== Resources and links ==
This project is not standalone. This project will draw pieces of information from:
* The presentations, currently being inventorized in the [[OWASP Education Presentation Rating|consolidation page of OWASP presentations]]¨
* The chapters
== Feedback and Participation: ==
We hope you find the OWASP Education Project useful. Please contribute to the Project by volunteering for one of the Tasks, sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to the [http://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-on-the-move mailing list].
== Project Contributors ==
If you contribute to this Project, please add your name here.<br>
Project Lead:
* [[User:knoblochmartin| Martin Knobloch]]
* [[User:Sdeleersnyder|Sebastien Deleersnyder]]
* [[User:Oshezaf| Ofer Shezaf]]
* you? ...
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