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Project roadmap

Overall Project Goal:

The goal of the OWASP Web Services Security Project is to serve as a starting point for any web services related inquiries on OWASP. With a collection of links to relevant OWASP and external pages, the OWASP Web Services Security Project aims to maintain a comprehensive list of all resources pertaining to Web Services security and to some level development. The selected resources will be aimed at a development community, aiding the user to comprehend the various security implications of web services security while development. The Project will also facilitate sections that will cater to application security professionals researching web services security. The final goal of the Project is to establish a regularly updated news section on the Project’s main page to keep visitors up to date with latest news related to Web Services security.

In the immediate future the following tactical goals will be prioritized:

  • Update existing list of OWASP resources. All OWASP pages related to Web Services should be linked from the project’s pages,
  • Recruit project contributors for assisting in development of external resources to link to,
  • Determine next steps:
    • Update links to external resources,
    • Create news feed on Project’s main page,
    • Delegate responsibility for regular maintenance of news feed.

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