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Welcome to the OWASP Web Services Security Project

This project allows local chapter or application security conferences to have OWASP presenters on site.

This project facilitates 3 parties:

  • OWASP speakers to entertain OWASP presentations and that want to see the world
  • Local chapters or application security events that want to attract an OWASP speaker
  • OWASP sponsors that want to support spreading the OWASP message

Currently a first version is online.

Goals & Roadmap

Currently the project goals are to ... (tbd). Further breakdown of tasks and future developments are listed in the road map.

Project Guiding Principles


Resources and links

This project is not standalone. This project will draw pieces of information from:


Feedback and Participation:

We hope you find the OWASP Web Services Security Project to be useful. Please contribute to the Project by volunteering for one of the Tasks, sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to the mailing list.

Project Contributors

If you contribute to this Project, please add your name here.
Project Leads:


  • you? ...

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