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New open source and commercial web application security tools are released almost every day. These tools are used either to detect vulnerabilities within web applications or to protect web applications from exploitation of potential vulnerabilties that may be present in these applications. With so many tools in hand, it may sometimes be difficult to make a decision about selection of a tool that best meets your requirements.

The OWASP Tools Project has been created to provide unbiased, practical information and guidance about application security tools that are used to detect vulnerabilities or to protect against vulnerabilities. The goal of this project is to identify any available tools, categorise them and rate them according to a predefind criteria to assess their effectiveness.

Project Raodmap

  • Define rating criteria for tools
  • Define test procedure for tools
  • Identification of tools
  • Categorization the tools
  • Test the tools against test applications to see how effectively the tool meets the predefined criteria
  • Provide rating to the tools based on their effectiveness

Project Contributors and Participation

Project Lead

Vishal Garg (vishalgrg [at] gmail [dot] com)

Feedback and Participation

We hope you find the OWASP Tools Project useful. Please contribute back to the project by sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to Vishal Garg


You can read Larry's 1st paper Version 1.0 and version 2.0 project is now underway with revised criteria and the assistance of OWASP & WASC members and that of the ORB Project

Product testing will be performed based on defined criteria that will measure the usability performance and positive validation on “red herring” web applications OWASP Site Generator this model common systems and unique systems in the wild.

Such tools are generally used to either help:

  • Protect Applications
  • Find Vulnerabilities in Applications
  • Test Other Application Security Tools

Tool Categories

The categories of tools currently addressed by this project are (or will be):

Types of Tools

Overall Approach

The goal of this project is to provide the following information (at a minimum) in each tool category:

  • Description of this tool category
  • General strengths and weaknesses of tools in this category
  • Important selection criteria for comparing tools within the category (e.g. ease of use, performance, cost, likelihood of false positives)
  • List of all OWASP Tools in this category
  • List of other well known open source tools in this category
  • List of commercial tools in this category provided by OWASP Members
  • List of other well known commercial tools in this category

Other tool-related pages to be considered

General Application Security Tool Resources

In Jan 2006, Dr. Holger Peine finished a survey of application security tools that can be found at: It covers various open source and commercial tools in many of the areas discussed in this project.
The NIST SAMATE - Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation project has an ambitious goal of creating a large set of application security test data and then assessing the capabilities of a wide variety of application security tools.
At the 3rd AppSec OWASP Conference, Arian Evans did a presentation on Software Security Quality: Testing Taxonomy & Testing Tools Classification that lists LOTS of the tools in the application security space from different categories, and some comparitive information on Web Application Security Scanning products.

Project Identification (under work)

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OWASP Tools Project

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Project Leader: Vishal Garg @

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To be reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

Key Contacts
  • Contact Vishal Garg @ to contribute, review or sponsor this project
  • Contact the GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.


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