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Project Name OWASP Skavenger Project
Short Project Description

Skavenger is a web application security assessment toolkit which arised from many years of professional experience in the web application assessment field and is the result of nearly one year of work. It passively analyzes traffic logged by various MITM proxies (such as WebScarab and Burp) as well as other sources (like Firefox's LiveHTTPHeader plugin) and helps to identify various kinds of possible vulnerabilities (such as XSS, CRLF injection, an insecure session management and several kinds of information disclosure). Skavenger's modular design allows the integration of custom scanning modules without any knowledge about the tool at all.

Key Project Information Project Leader
Matthias Rohr
Project Contributors
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Mailing list
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GNU General Public License

Project Type

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Beta Quality
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The tool is written in C# with .NET 2.0 WinForms (for the GUI) as well as Perl (for the CLI) and can be downloaded from sourceforge.net

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