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  • The project’s overall goal is to...
    • Be a design-time security reference for developers implementing common patterns independent of specific platforms and frameworks. Pattern usage is ubiquitous in software development, and the best patterns transcend specific languages and/or frameworks; analyzing the most pivotal frameworks in web applications allows us to build security advice that developers will use far in the future. At the same time, analyzing common patterns helps manual penetration testers and source code reviewers understand where to look for vulnerabilities within an application.
  • In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals...

1. Convert existing Core J2EE Patterns analysis word document into wiki format,

2. Solicit feedback and add additional advice to each pattern,

3. Determine next steps in group:

3.1. Add source code examples,

3.2. Start reviewing other patterns, such as Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Enterprise Integration Patterns, or .Net Patterns.

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