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* add support for more database servers (Sybase, DB2 ...)
* add support for more database servers (Sybase, DB2 ...)

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  • add support for more database servers (Sybase, DB2 ...)
  • enhance the crawler to handle HTTP post and fill automaticaly forms
  • add a feature to dump the database schema
  • add a feature to dump data from a given table
  • add file download/upload feature
  • add support for external databases which could be used during the exploit phase (like transfering data from the target database to a SQLiX managed database)
  • integrate SQLiX with HTTP scanning proxies (eInterceptor, pantera, spike ...)
  • integrate SQLiX with nikto HTTP scanners
  • integrate SQLiX with metasploit (SQLiX using SQL Injection could upload the meterpreter payload and start it with a reverse connection)

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