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== Project Contributor ==
== Project Contributor ==
The project is lead by Cedric Cochin
The project is lead by Cedric Cochin (cedric.cochin at gmail dot com)
[http://cedri.cc Homepage]
== Project Sponsors ==
== Project Sponsors ==

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SQLiX, coded in Perl, is able to crawl, find SQL injection vectors, identify the back end database and grab function call/UDF results (even execute system commands for MS-SQL). The concepts in use are different than the one used in other SQL injection scanners. SQLiX is able to find normal and blind SQL injection vectors and doesn't need to reverse engineer the original SQL request (using only function calls).




OWASP SQLiX v1.0 is available for download here.


TBD - Current command line help - TBD

Usage: SQLiX.pl [options]

       -help                                   Show this help

Target specification:

       -url [URL]                              Scan a given URL.
                                                 Example: -url="http://target.com/index.php?id=1"
       --post_content [CONTENT]                Add a content to the current [URL] and change the HTTP method to POST
       -file [FILE_NAME]                       Scan a list of URI provided via a flat file.
                                                 Example: -file="./crawling"
       -crawl [ROOT_URL]                       Scan a web site from the given root URL.
                                                 Example: -crawl="http://target.com/"

Injection vectors:

       -referer                                Use HTTP referer as a potential injection vector.
       -agent                                  Use HTTP User agent as a potential injection vector.
       -cookie [COOKIE]                        Use the cookie as a potential injection vector.
                                                 Cookie value has to be specified and the injection area
                                                 tagged as "--INJECT_HERE--".
                                                 Example: -cookie="userID=--INJECT_HERE--"

Injection methods:

       -all                                    Use all the injection methods.
       -method_taggy                           Use MS-SQL "verbose" error messages method.
       -method_error                           Use conditional error messages injection method.
       -method_blind                           Use all blind injection methods.
       -method_blind_integer                   Use integer blind injection method.
       -method_blind_string                    Use string blind injection method.
       -method_blind_statement                 Use statement blind injection method.
       -method_blind_comment                   Use MySQL comment blind injection method.

Attack modules:

       -exploit                                Exploit the found injection to extract information.
                                                 by default the version of the database will be retrieved
       -function [function]                    Used with exploit to retrieve a given function value.
                                                 Example: -function="system_user"
                                                 Example: -function="(select password from user_table)"
       -union                                  Analyse target for potential UNION attack [MS-SQL only].

MS-SQL System command injection:

       -cmd [COMMAND]                          System command to be executed.
                                                 Example: -cmd="dir c:\\"
       -login [LOGIN]                          MS-SQL login to use if known.
       -password [PASSWORD]                    MS-SQL password to use if known.


       -v=[n]                                  Verbose mode level
                                                 v=0 => no output, only results are displayed at the end
                                                 v=2 => realtime display, provide minimum result info
                                                 v=5 => debug view [all url,content and headers are displayed]

Future Development



OWASP SQLiX Project Created! - 09:45, 28 August 2006 (EDT)

While the SQLiX Project has been under development for some time now, it has only recently been donated to OWASP.

The OWASP community would like to thank Cedric Cochin for the generous donation.

Project Contributor

The project is lead by Cedric Cochin (cedric.cochin at gmail dot com)


Project Sponsors



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