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This page contains OWASP Projects that have been identified as orphaned ones

  • If you find interest in leading any one of them, please contact the Global Projects Committee or the OWASP project manager.
  • Note: Before setting up this list of orphaned projects, the GPC has tried to contact individually each project leader and, in a few cases, that turned up impossible to do. Being so, if you find the project you still want to lead being here mistakenly referred please inform us using the contacts above.
  1. OWASP AJAX Security Project - Adopted/New leader: Anurag Agarwal
  2. OWASP Application Security Assessment Standards Project
  3. OWASP Application Security Metrics Project
  4. OWASP AppSec FAQ Project
  5. OWASP Career Development Project
  6. OWASP Certification Criteria Project
  7. OWASP Communications Project
  8. OWASP Encoding Project
  9. OWASP Flash Security Project - Adopted/New leader: Peleus Uhley
  10. OWASP Fuzzing Code Database - being adopted by Wagner Elias/Waiting for GPC confirmation
  11. OWASP Insecure Web App Project
  12. OWASP LAPSE Project
  13. OWASP Logging Project
  14. OWASP Oracle Project
  15. OWASP Pantera Web Assessment Studio Project
  16. OWASP PHP AntiXSS Library Project
  17. OWASP Scholastic Application Security Assessment Project
  18. OWASP SiteGenerator Project
  19. OWASP SQLiX Project
  20. OWASP SWAAT Project
  21. OWASP Tiger
  22. OWASP Tools Project
  23. OWASP Validation Project
  24. OWASP Web 2.0 Project
  25. OWASP Web Services Security Project
  26. OWASP XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria Project

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