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''What does this OWASP release offer you''
''What does this OWASP project release offer you''
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What does this OWASP project release offer you

what is this release?

OWASP Live CD Release Name and Version: AppSecEU May2009 Release

Main Features: Fill in here

Release License: GNU Free Documentation 1.2 for documents & GPL v3 for code

who is working on this release?
Release Leader: Matt Tesauro

Release Contributor(s): Brad Causey, Nishi Kumar

Release Reviewer(s): Unassigned

Release Mentor(s): None

Release Sponsor(s): OWASP SoC 08

how can you learn more?
Release Flyer/Pamphlet: Add pdf

Release Roadmap: Click here to view

Release Main Links: owasp-live-cd-current.iso - Don't forget to check the MD5 sum!

Release Assessment: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed/Targeted at Stable Release
Release reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

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