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Project Name OWASP Learn About Encoding Project
Short Project Description

This project has as its ultimate goal of demystifying the problems related to the study of character encoding (charset encoding). From charset's proper use to the issue of canonicalization, we'll try to explain and resolve the problems related to this issue so dear to professionals in the ICT world. The project consist of: a web application that explain the character life cycle and a usable textual tool and GUI tool.

Key Project Information

Project Leader
Federico Casani
Andrea Zonzin

Project Contibutors
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Mailing List
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Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0

Project Type

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Suggest you start by reviewing:


This is a project that aims to educate developers, systems analysts or anyone who writes code regarding the knowledge of proper use of Charset and Canonicalization. The project will seek to give a comprehensive response by crossing one another most scenarios highlighting the roles of key players (browser, operating system, database, etc. ..).

To achieve this goal we decided to create a tool in two different formats:

  • web application
  • textual tool


Detailed roadmap for future developments:

01/03/09 : Startup

01/03/09 - 15/03/09 : Project Goal Definition

16/03/09 - 31/03/09 : Project Architecture Definition

01/04/09 - 31/06/09 : Code Development

01/07/09 : Alpha release

05/07/09 - 30/07/09 : Bug Fixing

01/08/09 - 30/10/09 : Project Development - enhancement, new feature

01/11/09 : Beta release

02/11/09 - 30/11/09 : Bug Fixing


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