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| Release Name and Version  
| Release Name and Version  
= JBroFuzz 1.6
= JBroFuzz 1.7
| Release Date  
| Release Date  
= September 2009   
= October 2009   
| Release Download Link  
| Release Download Link  

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what is this release?

Name: JBroFuzz 1.7 - October 2009 - download

Main Features: 1 - introduces a new Encoder/Hash window, under options for Base64, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 and URL (UTF-8) encoded text. 2 - a number of SQL Injection payloads have been included, including blind MS SQL Injection and injection for mySQL. 3 - the org.owasp.jbrofuzz.core APIs have been extended and documented for better standalone usability of the JBroFuzz.jar file. Examples will follow on the "JBroFuzz Tutorial" page on the website. 4 - on the HTTP or HTTPS connection, the implementation to resubmit any POST data in the event of a '100 Continue' has been put in place. 5 - the 'Properties' window of an 'Output' request, a search mechanism has been implemented.

who is working on this release?
Release Leader: Subere

Release Contributor(s):

Release Reviewer(s): Matt Tesauro, Leonardo Cavallari Militelli

Release Mentor(s): if any

Release Sponsor(s): if any

how can you learn more?
Release Flyer/Pamphlet:

Release Notes: Click here to view

Release Main Links: download

Release Assessment: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed/Targeted at Stable Release

Release reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

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