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Welcome to the OWASP Interceptor Project for XML Processing. The Interceptor tool is designed to easily assist security testers in performing attacks against XML Web Services and AJAX interfaces. The utility allows testers to capture a sample XML request and then replay/fuzz requests against the Web Service.

A tester can also preload an automated attack database for each request into the tool, and Interceptor will fuzz and replay each attack against the service and provide results.

The Welcome Screen (And Interface) of the Interceptor Project.
Interceptor welcome screen.jpg


The Goal of this project was to develop a simple, quick and easy to use tool that could capture and save XML requests and then allow testers to easily replay the request with fuzzed data. Thus allowing the quick testing of the XML Web Service interfaces without the need to use TCP request processors or additional proxies to manipulate and replay handcrafted attack data.

    • Please help with this project. We would like to be able to create a "GENERIC" XML attack list of common types of XML attacks that can be configured as a pre-loaded attack database in Interceptor. Contact the Project Team with any ideas.


Interceptor 0.9 BETA is currently available for download from [1] Finally i have moved house, and got the new server up and running. Apologies to all those whom wish to download. You can now download and we will be preparing new versions shortly. Interceptor ZIP includes all the binaries and associated Libraries to run on Windows. The utility requires the system to have an installed version of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.


Web Interceptor Functionality (Release 0.9 BETA)

· Capture XML Traffic (via PROXY Configuration)

· Capture XML Traffic (Interception) – In ALPHA Code in release.

· Save, Edit and Replay XML Requests to Web Services

· Configure HTTP Headers (Injection & Manipulation)

· Replay Attacks for Captured XML Data

· Create customized XML Attack Signatures and automate XML replay attacks

· BASE 64 Encoding/Decoding

· SHA Hash Generator

· MD5 Hash Generator

· Many more features to come…

Request Screen.
Interceptor welcome request.jpg
This is the Request Screen for the Interface. From here you can easily capture and save XML requests from clients and web browsers.
Attack Screen.
Interceptor welcome attack screen.jpg
The XML Attack screen allows testers to load preconfigured attack logic into the tool and then request the utility to perform an automated attack based on the database signatures.

Future Development

OK, After a while of not much developer, interceptor is back into full swing. Thanks to some new team members with b-sec, we are now developing a release which can be treated as 1.0 and will run on all the latest versions of windows etc (including VISTA). If you have anything you want us to add or change let us know.


22nd November 2006 - Interceptor 0.9 BETA Released on OWASP Web Site.

Project Contributors

This project is currently supported and run by Justin Derry of b-sec Consulting Pty Ltd. Email: jderry AT

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