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In the Honeycomb project, OWASP is assembling the most comprehensive and integrated guide ever attempted to the fundamental building blocks of application security (principles, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures) through collaborative community efforts.


  • What we are trying to accomplish?
  • The difficulties in organizing this information
  • The approach we’ve taken
  • Why our approach solves the problems?
  • Why the name Honeycomb?

How to use the information?

Honeycomb User’s Guide

How to add an article into Honeycomb Project?

Volunteers Needed

Our current tactical goals are:

  • Fill in the contents of the stub honeycomb articles (those marked with {{Template:Stub}})
  • Refine the contents and structure of the honeycomb articles
  • Eliminate redundancy in the articles and categories

The following tasks are ready for volunteers:

  • Merge "Buffer overflow", "Buffer Overflow" and related redundant articles
  • Merge "Cross Site Scripting" and "Cross-site_scripting"
  • Merge "SQL Injection" and "SQL injection"

To find out more about what you can help, please go to OWASP Honeycomb Project Roadmap.


OWASP Honeycomb Project Roadmap

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