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OWASP is assembling the most comprehensive and integrated guide to application security principles, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures ever attempted.

What we are trying to accomplish and why?

  • the difficulties in organizing this information
  • the approach we’ve taken
  • why our approach solves the problems

How to use the information?

[Honeycomb user’s guide]

Volunteers Needed

what’s still left to do

  • Expand the stub articles (description and examples)
  • Fill in the related sections in the articles
  • Make sure that Honeycomb articles are tagged with appropriate categories
  • Eliminate redundancy
    • Merge duplicate articles on the same topic. For example, it is highly likely that a guide article, a top ten article and a vulnerability/attack article exist on a same topic.
    • Redirect well-know acronyms and case-sensitive titles to the master article. (Example, XSS to Cross Site Scripting")
    • Plan: go over by topics.
  • Go over the CLASP articles to:
    • Add the same article structure, i.e., the "Related ..." sections, to the CLASP articles;
    • Make sure they are marked with appropriate templates: vulnerability, attack, principle, etc;
    • Make sure they are tagged with appropriate categories.
  • Merge duplicate vulnerability categories. (Replace "...problem/error" with "...vulnerability" when it is appropriate.)
  • Make sure all articles that have code snippets are marked with the "Code Snippet" category and corresponding languages.

Specific tasks:

  • Merge "Buffer overflow", "Buffer Overflow" and related redundant articles
  • Merge "Cross Site Scripting" and "Cross-site_scripting"
  • Merge "SQL Injection" and "SQL injection"


OWASP Honeycomb Project Roadmap


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