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The OWASP Guide to Building Secure Web Applications v2 is now released. Its release was announced at Black Hat in Las Vegas in late July 2005. This new version of the OWASP Development Guide is a major overhaul of the original document, containing nearly three times as much material. The project is currently steered by Andrew van der Stock.

The original OWASP Development Guide had become a staple diet for many web security professionals. Since 2002, the initial version was downloaded over 2 million times. Today, the Development Guide is referenced by many leading government, financial, and corporate standards and is the Gold standard for web application security.

The Development Guide is aimed at architects, developers, consultants and auditors and is a comprehensive manual for designing, developing and deploying secure web applications.


Developer Guide 3.0 Assistance Required. Please join the mailing list for more information and assignments.

OWASP Development Guide 2.0 Downloads

If you need a stable edition of the Development Guide, you should use one of these editions:

OWASP Development Guide 2.0.1 (English)

OWASP Development Guide 1.1.1 (Japanese, にほんご)

Earlier versions of the Development Guide (1.0 and 1.1.1) can be found at our file download center, and in CVS.

OWASP Development Guide 3.0

This is the working draft of the OWASP Development Guide 3.0. Please login to make changes as you see fit. Changes will be vetted by the OWASP Development Guide Project team.

There is no current PDF or printed version of the Development Guide.

Mailing List

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