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* K.K. Mookhey
* K.K. Mookhey
* Kevin McLaughlin
* Kevin McLaughlin
* Mark Curphey
* Martin Eizner
* Martin Eizner
* Michael Howard
* Michael Howard
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* Nigel Tranter
* Nigel Tranter
* Raoul Endres
* Raoul Endres
* Ray Stirbei
* Richard Parke
* Richard Parke
* Robert Hansen
* Robert Hansen

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OWASP Documentation Project

Guide to Building Secure Web Applications and Web Services (Development Guide)

The Development Guide is aimed at architects, developers, consultants and auditors and is a comprehensive manual for designing, developing and deploying secure web applications. The original OWASP Development Guide has become a staple diet for many web security professionals. Since 2002, the initial version was downloaded over 2 million times. Today, the Development Guide is referenced by many leading government, financial, and corporate standards and is the Gold standard for web application security.

For more information, please contact us.

Latest News


More About the Development Guide

  • One Page Datasheet (Under Construction)

Related projects

Development Guide

Development Guide

This document helps software developers build secure Web Applications and Web Services.

Release Versions

  • Development Guide 2005 in English (PDF, Word)
  • Development Guide 2005 in Spanish (PDF, Word)
  • Development Guide 2002 in Japanese (PDF)

Earlier Versions

OWASP Books logo.png This project has produced a book that can be downloaded or purchased.
Feel free to browse the full catalog of available OWASP books.


Project News

  • Details below will be filled in as work on the next version of the guide progresses. Volunteers wanted!


Project Leader

Project Contributors

  • Adrian Wiesmann
  • Andrew van der Stock (2005 Release Version Project Lead)
  • Mark Curphey
  • Ray Stirbei
  • Abraham Kang
  • Adrian Wiesmann
  • Alex Russell
  • Amit Klein
  • Andrew van der Stock
  • Brian Greidanus
  • Christopher Todd
  • Darrel Grundy
  • David Endler
  • Denis Piliptchouk
  • Dennis Groves
  • Derek Browne
  • Eoin Keary
  • Ernesto Arroyo
  • Frank Lemmon
  • Gene McKenna
  • Hal Lockhart
  • Izhar By-Gad
  • Jeremy Poteet
  • José Pedro Arroyo
  • K.K. Mookhey
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Martin Eizner
  • Michael Howard
  • Mikael Simonsson
  • Neal Krawetz
  • Nigel Tranter
  • Raoul Endres
  • Richard Parke
  • Robert Hansen
  • Roy McNamara
  • Steve Taylor
  • Sverre Huseby
  • Tim Smith
  • William Hau

Project Sponsorship

  • Details below will be filled in as work on the next version of the guide progresses. Volunteers wanted!

Users and Adopters

Coming soon! Please let us know how your organization is using the OWASP Development Guide. Include your name, organization's name, and brief description of how you use the annex. The project lead can be reached at Mike Boberski Thanks for supporting OWASP!

This project licensed under the Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

Articles Below - More About the Development Guide and Using It