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EnDe consist of two parts: the core library (API) and the browser interface (GUI). The issues are mapped to either of these categories.


OWASP EnDe Project - Encoder, Decoder, Converter, Transformer, Calculator

Collection of functions for various codings, encodings, decodings and convertions used in the wild wide web. The aim is/was mainly driven by the requirements for HTTP/HTML-based functionality. Copy&paste must be possible within a browser and functions should be called by just one click.

Current State

EnDe is currently (10/2009) stable according the offered functionality.

Pending ..

  • setup at

Pending or Planed Requirements / Improvements


  • implementing more hashes like Adler-32, Ghost, Haval, Tiger, ...
  • implementing more encryptions like BlowFish, CAST, DES, TrippleDES, GOST, Loki97, RC2, SaferPlus, Serpent, TwoFish
  • implementing codings like UTF-EBCDIC
  • building an object oriented API beside the existing procedural/functional API


  • replace the hardcoded dispatcher with a generated one

Fixed / Completed

  • 7/2009 selecting license (GPL2, CC-2.5, or a mix?)
  • 5/2009 generating some documentation
  • 7/2008 implementing sha384, sha512 encryption

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