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Welcome to the OWASP Education Project (not yet started)

I would propose to start with a first small project to create a slide deck of WebAppSec intro topics.
Next to the slide deck we can then have some sort of teacher manual with narrative text and maybe complement this with a WebEx (or other) recording?
After the material is created we do a ‘teach the teacher’ session to enable others to use this?
What should be part of this intro?
TOC proposal:

  • Why WebAppSec + history
  • Current Trends
  • OWASP Top 10 introduction + remedies
  • Embed within complete approach (people, process & tools)
  • OWASP next steps?

We already have a large part of the above material; it’s just a matter of restructuring and recompiling some stuff to a Newbie introduction track of about 4 hours. Once we get this going, it could provide the base for more advanced tracks.
We can even create an OWASP University in the long term ! But let’s start in kindergarten.

Project Guiding Principles:


Project Scope:


Feedback and Participation:

We hope you find the OWASP Education Project useful. Please contribute to the Project by volunteering for one of the Tasks, sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to (tbd). Dedicated mailing list to be created.

Project Contributors:

If you contribute to this Project, please add your name here Project Lead:

  • Sebastien Deleersnyder


  •  ??


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